En plein air.

Palette. Art gets messy sometimes.

View from the porch.

"Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." - Hans Christian Andersen

My 5' porch "studio".

Artist. Naturalist. Nerd.

As an artist, I am fascinated by light, space, color, and movement. As a human being, I am fascinated by the natural world and atmospheric phenomena. My visual art explores these interests. After a long hiatus caused by life (and, in hindsight, questionable priorities), I am back at it, and enjoying every minute. I still feel a child's wonder when I mix blue and yellow and get green. It is magic.

I grew up as a free-range child on a small farm in rural New Hampshire with a pony and a pet chicken, and now live at 7,500 feet in Estes Park, Colorado, the eastern gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. I spent the majority of my non-painting career working at conservation nonprofits, and am proud to say that in a former life I helped to raise millions of dollars for Rocky. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Paint­ing, and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Journalism, both from the University of New Hampshire. I am also educated in biological science, ecology, and natural history. I have shown my work in galleries in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and in Estes Park and Allenspark, Colorado.


My work often focuses on the vast landscapes of the West—mountains, prairies, plains, and sky. I am particularly entranced by the interaction between earth and sky in the form of snow squalls, hail, and rain. The movement and energy of clouds and shadows silently racing across plains, and of virga gracefully drifting down from a heavy, dark sky awe and inspire. I am also struck by more intimate views--a shard of sunlight through spruce trees, or cool, winter light on pears. Rather than try to create a perfect copy of what I see, I want to capture its essence--what it felt like. At some point during the process, it becomes more about the conversation with what is happening on the canvas or board than trying to replicate nature. I work in oils and mixed media and use a variety of brushes, palette knives, and even sticks, to apply paint. On a good day, I sometimes forget to eat while I am working.

When you see one of my paintings, I want you to feel what I felt in that landscape or moment. I want you to feel the slant of the warm, cadmium gold evening sunlight on your cheek, or the needling winter wind (here in Estes Park, the winds are the stuff of legend and some consternation). I hope that you will  recognize and share my joy at the morning light on a simple, glorious pear, or the energy of a storm. If you do, and it makes you happy, then I have done my job.

I do not have a studio, but make do on my tiny porch, in my garage, or en plein air (that's fancy talk for "outside in the wind, rain, sun, and bugs"). I can sometimes be found on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, painting from the back of my trusty old Tacoma, "Scout" (aka the "Millennium Falcon". And Phoebe, the cat who owns me, is often nearby while I paint.  A nerd at heart, I am a fan of Star Wars (I am a Jedi-in-Training) and Star Trek. Every flower I see is my "favorite". Also, I take terrible selfies.

I believe in kindness, bunnies, science, the steadfast companionship of familiar constellations, the power of art to change lives, and the Oxford comma.

Please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.

Be well!